Terms and Conditions of Membership

  1. All members agree to practice internetworking at the exchange point
  2. All members agree to exchange traffic with other members connected to the exchange pointMembers agree to follow MVIX’s the peering policy
  3. Members are free to set up independent bilateral agreements MVIX
  4. Only traffic routed from the member’s networks may be transferred over the internetworking point. The internetworking point must not be used as a default route or for forwarding transit traffic
  5. Members agree to keep IP network services generally available through the network registered for connection to Internet exchange point
  6. Each member shall have a registered AS number that is active in the common routing table
  7. No member may cause any interference in the operation of the access points for interconnecting traffic
  8. Each member shall transmit and receive via the access points for interconnecting traffic at its own riskNo party will be held liable for any indirect or consequential damage
  9. No member may be engaged in any activity that is in conflict with Maldivian legislation
  10. Any legal disputes and controversy arising out of or in connection with this agreement will be referred to arbitration according to Maldivian law

When applying for membership, the applicant is committed to complying with the rules of the MVIX association. The rules should be read carefully before making an application. Furthermore, the applicant is required to deliver the contact information by using MVIX’s contact template.