Peering Policy

In order to protect our Peering platform our members are required to follow the rules listed herein

  1. Members must have a public AS number issued by a RIR and routable IP space
  2. Private AS numbers must not be used.
  3. Members must not point the default route at any other member.
  4. Routing protocol: only BGP is allowed.
  5. Internal L3/L3 protocols must be disabled DHCP, CDP, MOP, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, (R)STP, VTP, any kind of L2 muat be kept alive.
  6. Frames forwarded to MVIX ports shall have one of the following ether-types:0x0800 – Ipv4
  7. 0x0806 – ARP
  8. 0x86dd – Ipv6
  9. ARP proxy must be disabled.
  10. One MAC address per port – frames received from a member device shall all have the same source MAC address. We use L2 ACLs to enforce this requirement.
  11. Frames received from an attached member device shall not be addressed to a multicast or broadcast MAC destination address except as follows: Broadcast ARP packets
  12. Multicast IPv6 neighbor solicitation packets
  13. Interfaces connected to MVIX peering ports shall only use IP addresses and netmasks assigned to them by MVIX.
  14. A member may in no way interfere with traffic to/from any other member.
  15. A member should not advertise MVIX address space to any other network
  16. IPv6 site-local addresses shall not be used.
  17. IPv6 addresses (link & global scope) shall be explicitly configured and not auto-configured.
  18. Peering traffic should be exchanged, nothing else